General Guidelines & Recommendations

  • Always store your jewelry pieces individually, preferably in soft- box or cloth bag so that they don’t tangle. Try to keep jewelry apart so they don’t rub agents each other.
  • Avoid direct contact with cream, perfume or chemical products i.e. soap, hairspray or nail polish removers, all contain chemicals, which may dull the finish of your jewelry.
  • Remove jewelry when cleaning the house or using household cleaning fluids.
  • Avoid storing or wearing your jewelry and gemstones in locations that receive extended exposure to sunlight.
  • Do not wear jewelry while sitting in hot tub, steam room or bathing, hot water can accelerate oxidization.
  • Gently wipe jewelry with a soft cloth after each wear to remove any dirt, make up or oils from skin.
  • Avoiding wearing during everyday activities that will cause abrasion (i.e. cleaning, gardening, performing sports)
  • Avoid going swimming and wearing your jewelry, as chlorine in swimming pools can cause damage to all metals.
  • Cleaning gold jewelry is best done with warm water and soap using a soft brush. Be sure to dry the pieces thoroughly with a soft cloth.